Corsearch Contour

Turbocharge your naming process to get better names, faster.

Integrated Trademark Name Creation and Clearance Viability

Corsearch Contour, our new integrated name creation and clearance viability solution, will give you the strategic insight you’ve been missing in real-time.

Corsearch is moving beyond helping you to clear and protect names. Corsearch is applying advanced technology to help revolutionize the traditional trademark name creation process. Contour will enable you to find the right names for products and brands, faster.

Contour uses an algorithmic approach to generate a list of trademark name suggestions based on criteria that you specify, instantly. In the same key stroke, our algorithms score results, indicating the likelihood of clearance obstacles for a proposed name by comparing it to names in the trademark universe. Corsearch Contour uses that same algorithmic approach to also suggest names in the “white space” — that is, other names, similar to the one you’re searching, that are likely to be viable based on criteria you identify.

With Corsearch Contour, you can:

  • Get suggestions for trademark candidate names based on detailed criteria that you specify
  • Gain visibility into clearance viability, so no one wastes time on legally problematic names
  • Empower lawyers to do more than say “no” by giving them the ability to make alternative name recommendations that marketers will like
  • Enable improved collaboration between marketing and legal teams
  • Reduce time to market

Contact us to learn more about how Corsearch Contour can help you more quickly get to names that both marketing and legal will love.